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Robin Abrams


Robin Abrams, our advisor, has over four decades of experience in building and operating tech companies. She currently serves on several company boards including HCL , Factset Research, Sierra Wireless Inc. and Lattice Semiconductor Corporation.
Ms. Abrams experience also includes working as Chief Executive Officer for VeriFone, a world leader in payment and commerce solutions, and senior leadership positions at Apple, Accenture, and Palm Computing. As the Managing Director of Apple Asia, she helped open the Chinese and Indian markets to Apple products. She has extensive experience in the mobile communications and software solution segments and has also held senior executive positions at Norwest Banks (Wells Fargo), Unisys, ZiLOG and few others.
Ms. Robin holds a Bachelor’s of Arts and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Nebraska and has served on several academic advisory boards.

Robin Abrams
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